Family-run meat market in Sun City back open after car crashes into store

SUN CITY, AZ - New York transplant Al Viscusi of Al's Meat Market in Sun City is happy to be working again.

"It's just been a long road," said Viscusi. "It's brutal."

Viscusi had a rough summer, after a freak accident literally crashed into his store.

"I was putting chicken in the case, and the lady drove right through the front of the store," Viscusi said.

It was April 29 when an elderly woman lost control and slammed into the deli.

"Boom crash bang. The noise just wouldn't stop," said Al's wife, Trudy, who heard the whole thing happen over the phone.

"I heard a few cuss words," Trudy laughed. "Then he's like, ‘My God a lady just drove through the front of the store!'"

The car missed Al, but his quick dive out of the way injured his shoulder.

"I thought a bomb was going off, and when I dove that's when I tore the rotator cuff," he said.

"And his bicep was torn," said Trudy. "That was the part that really shook me up too. I was like, ‘Oh my God that's his cutting arm what are we gonna do?'"

The couple was forced to close their family business for three months. The Viscusis estimate their losses close to $100,000.

"We didn't have any money to pay the bills, and the bills just kept coming in, coming in, coming in."

On top of that, the couple claims their insurance company refused to renew their coverage after they made the claim.

Now seven months later, thanks to loyal customers, Al's Meat Market and Deli is back open for business.

"Business is booming!" said Trudy.

They're digging out of debt and moving forward with no plans of slowing down.

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