Ex-cop behind string of Arizona robberies?

PHOENIX - Federal agents raided a home in north Phoenix believed to be the home of the " Dynomite Bandit."

The man is accused of several high profile bank robberies in the Valley and may also be the suspect known as the "Thou Shall Not Steal Bandit."

Sources tell ABC15 the suspect is ex-military and a former police officer in Los Angeles, California.

The FBI has not released the suspect's name.

He may have pulled off at least 10 bank robberies in the Valley over the past several years.

Police say he is nicknamed the "Dynomite Bandit" because he places a device resembling a bomb inside each location before calling in a bomb threat.

He apparently gets into the bank sometime between the prior night and the early morning hours before employees get into work. Then he calls the bank early in the morning to tell authorities there is a bomb inside.

Federal agents spent all day Wednesday searching the suspect's home.
A $15,000 reward was being offered for information leading to his arrest. There is no word at this time if anyone has claimed that reward.



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