Arizona missing dog: Stray who helped dog Ily stranded in desert gets happy ending

PHOENIX - A stray dog is credited with reuniting a Valley woman and her furry friend following a June accident near Anthem.

It was an emotional reunion between Rose Sharman and her dog, Ily, who saw each other for the first time in more than two months after a car accident threw them both out of her vehicle.

Rose says Ily survived because of a stray dog, nicknamed "Buddy." The two dogs teamed up with each other while in the desert heat.

Both dogs were picked up, just days apart from each other.

While Ily got to go home, Buddy ended up at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, seemingly without a place to go.

Al Aguinaga, with MCACC, said Buddy came in with a collar and workers got hold of the dog's original owner, who actually had given the dog to someone else.

Workers have been trying to get in contact with the dog's current owners, but have not heard back from them.

Aguinaga said the original owner has agreed to take in the dog and give him a home again.

"We finally made a connection. I like to call it a love connection. Bringing people and pets together is what we do and we found the home. The original owner, they're going to come in and have the dog licensed, vaccinated, altered and have a great reunited peace," said Aguinaga.


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