Arizona boy granted wish of becoming a police officer

PHOENIX - Six-year-old Darrius Lee had his dream come true Saturday when officers with the Phoenix Police Department trained him to become a cop.

"Ever since he learned about what cops do in school, he's been raving about it and saying that's what he wants to do," said the boy's mom, Andrea.

Darrius, who has been battling sickle cell disease, was granted his dream of becoming a police officer when Arizona's Make-a-Wish Foundation found out about his illness.

Make-A-Wish worked with the Phoenix Police Department and the Arizona Diamondbacks to set up a make-believe kidnapping for Darrius to solve. After spending a day training with officers and grabbing coffee and donuts, the young "officer" was called to help.

"We had the bad guys kidnap his brother, and set up a police chase around Chase Field. Darrius was able to handcuff the bad guys and save the day," said one organizer.

More than 100 people came to Chase Field to cheer Darrius on as he put his police training to good use.

"This just means so much to us. On those tough days we will remember this and be able to be strong and pull through," Andrea said.


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