Will the Valley of the Sun become unliveable?

PHOENIX - Is the Valley going to become "unliveable"?

Local residents are sure to remember that in 2011, Phoenix set a record for the number of days over 110 degrees. It was 33.

According to an editorial in the Los Angeles Times , our "convergence of heat, drought and violent winds" is creating an increasingly "worrisome" situation.

The writer cites power grid failure, our infamous "heat island effect", and increasing frequency of dangerous dust storms as potential game changers for Valley residents.

Arizona state climatologist Nancy Selover agrees the heat is getting worse.

"We have an urban heat island issue. Certainly everyone is in agreeance about that. But the city is trying to make steps to try and mitigate that," said Selover.

Selover says the city is looking at a number of options to keep temperatures down including painting buildings light colors and planting more desert landscape.

"It drastically cools down an area if you have natural landscape to soak up the heat. Asphalt and other man made materials will hold on to the heat through the night and into the morning," said Selover.

What if there is a long-lasting power outage during our infamous 110+ degree summer? How long before heat absorbed by our buildings and streets pushes overnight temperatures into the 100s? And just how paralyzing are those "haboobs"?

According to the LA Times , "if you want a taste of the brutal new climate to come, look no further than the aptly named Valley of the Sun."

So what do you think the future will bring to the Valley? Are you worried about a catastrophic climate event? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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