Visually impaired Valley swimmers to take on Alcatraz

PHOENIX - Three Valley swimmers are getting ready for a swim that would be considered a major undertaking for anyone. But their swim is about a lot more and may just prove inspiring.

They will swim to Alcatraz on Sunday for the Annual Alcatraz Invitational in San Francisco.   

The three though are visually impaired and make up the first blind team to compete in the event.

"To be honest it is about bragging rights," said 17-year old Max Ashton. Ashton only has minimal peripheral vision.

25-year-old Tanner Robinson who is completely blind will also swim along with 19-year old Katie Cuppy.

"I always like to take on a new challenge," said Robinson.

The teens have been training at the Phoenix Country Club with a few members there who will also be swimming in the event as sighted guides.

They've also spent many hours swimming at Lake Pleasant to prepare for the swim.

Paul Tiffany is one of the guides.  This will be his 6th swim to Alcatraz.

"It is cold and the waters are choppy," he said.  "These guys are really amazing."

Both Robinson and Ashton are not new to adventure.  A few years ago they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

They are trying to raise money and awareness for the Foundation for Blind Children.

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