Valley woman pulled over by ex-Phoenix officer Justin LaClere, calls him dishonest, disrespectful

PHOENIX - New information on a Phoenix cop who resigned after his arrest last week.

Former Phoenix police officer Justin LaClere is accused of criminal sexual conduct involving a 17-year-old girl he met online. But, this isn't the first time the officer has been at the center of a serious investigation.

Laclere pulled over a driver in 2010 and the woman he pulled over said what happened next was traumatizing.

"Arrogant, belligerent, dishonest, disrespectful," are words Ayensa Millian uses to describe Laclere.  She knows him well because of what happened nearly 4 years ago.

"He turned his lights on as soon as I turned onto the freeway. The next thing I know, I'm being placed in cuffs and being pulled out of my car at gunpoint," she remembers.

She said Laclere was very aggressive during the situation and said she felt harassed and violated.

"I was terrified," she said. "For any other civilian that is aggravated assault. You go to jail for that. But because he has a badge, he feels he has the right to do that."

Millian said in the official police report Laclere admitted to pulling her over because her headlights weren't bright enough.

"And then he changed his story to say I was swerving," she said.

Eventually, she was slapped with multiple DUI charges, which she called bogus. After a lengthy, two-year legal battle, Millian said the court dismissed all charges against her. 

"I know my basic rights, most people don't and I can't imagine what he would actually do to somebody else," she said.

So, she wasn't surprised when Laclere, who is a husband and father, resigned from the department, for admitting to having sex with a 17-year-old.

"I was relieved.  He's a danger to this community," she said.

Laclere is now out of jail and is scheduled to be in court on January 17th. By the way, Millian filed a civil lawsuit against the city, the Phoenix Police Department and Officer LaClere.  She settled for $25,000, which she used to pay her attorneys.

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