Valley volunteers train for water rescues

PHOENIX - David Bremson leads the swift water rescue team for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office mountain rescue posse.

"As a leader on the team, there's a lot of stress," Bremson says.

When he and his team arrive on the scene, much like we have been seeing in the Colorado flooding, he says, "There's a lot of chaos."

But that doesn't stop them from rushing into action.

"When you have a trained swift water team you know what to do. Every situation is different," Bremson says.

The situation is different, but also dangerous.

"Swift water rescue is actually the number one killer of first responders in a rescue scenario," says Bremson.

We showed him the dramatic car rescue from Colorado to get his input.

"The guy in the back is acting as a safety, he's coordinating everything, the guy in the front was able to get out and in again," Bremson said. "Behind the vehicle the water can be very shallow and still. He was able to open up the door and walk the gentleman out."

Bremson said,"They did a good job, they did a good job."

And why do he and his team risk their lives?

"That's our paycheck. Is knowing that through all of our efforts and our incredible amount of training and everything that we do and the experience that we gain and we are able to go out and help somebody. It's a tremendous payback, you can't put a price on it."

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