Valley salon owner Tad Caldwell helping the homeless

PHOENIX - A Valley man is giving back to the homeless.

Owner of Hair Pollution Salon, Tad Caldwell, is collecting sleeping bags and taking them to Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS) so that those who have to be turned away from the shelter have a little something to keep them warm at night.

This is an issue particularly close to Caldwell as he once lived on the streets. For about six months while he attended beauty school, Caldwell slept under bridges, next to gas stations and behind school buildings.

Caldwell remembers how having a sleeping bag helped him through that hard time in his life and is hoping that he can help others in the same way.

"The hardest thing is sleeping on cold ground," Caldwell said. "If you don't have anything between the ground and you, you get colder so a sleeping bag is perfect."

Caldwell will continue to take donations at Hair Pollution Salon until the week of Christmas.

He says CASS is in need of more than just sleeping bags, they can also use toiletries, clothing for job interviews and even feminine hygiene products.

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