Valley restaurant, Luke's of Chicago, cooks up memories of Midwest winters

PHOENIX - It's not hard to find people in the Valley who once called the Midwest home, which means a lot of people, know firsthand that our evening temperatures in the 50's are downright balmy compared to the sub-freezing temperatures gripping states like Ohio and Illinois.

Cary Del Principe, a native of Illinois, opened Luke's of Chicago in Phoenix 26 years ago but the memories of bitter cold winters are still fresh.

"Troubles getting the car started, breaking keys in the ignition, the wind chill factor is breaking records, and you don't forget that." Del Principe said.

His cousins still live in the Windy City and run a similar sandwich shop called Jay's Beef. The food may be the same, but Del Principe's family is quick to remind him how different their work day is right now. 

"The city doesn't stop because the weather is bad; it just slows things down tremendously."

Many of his customers are also Valley transplants and enjoy coming in for a taste of Chicago without actually having to deal with the snow and ice to get it.

"As much as they miss Chicago and growing up there and it being part of their legends, none of them miss the winters I can tell you."

Luke's of Chicago does get some of its products shipped in from the Midwest, but so far the weather hasn't affected any of its deliveries.

The restaurant has three Valley locations. Find one near you on their website.

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