Valley residents forced to live without water for two days

PHOENIX - The water is back on for almost 200 people at a Valley apartment complex. Residents at San Terra Apartments near 34th Street and McDowell were forced to live without water for two days.

The water was shut off by the Phoenix Water Department on Thursday morning.

"I haven't been able to wash my hands, go to the bathroom. I got some water, we boiled it so my daughter could brush her teeth and feel a little clean," said tenant Angela Fisher.

Residents told ABC15 they were kept in the dark as to why the water was shut off. Water is included in the rent that's paid.

"It's unfair that we have to live like this.They are giving us the run around and we don't like it," said Fisher.

According to the city, the property owners haven't made payment for the $48,000 they currently owe the city. They said they've been working with the owners since August to resolve the issue.

According to employees at the complex, they received a notice that the water would be turned off on Thursday. They made a partial payment, but the water was still disconnected.

Another partial payment and a payment plan was made to allow the water to be turned back on.

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