Valley program 'Project Million' helps kids get fit

Matthew Landen is a fitness junkie who believes in being healthy.

"I created this program, "Project Million," he said.

It encourages kids to eat less and move more.

"I kinda took every other health program that's out there for kids, and saw what worked and didn't work, and what it had that no other health program had is it gave kids the opportunity to make that choice," Landen said

Project Million mixes technology, exercise, and health, and beginning this week, he's bringing it to Valley schools.

"I am so excited, they are excited. I love seeing their reaction to everything," he said.

Landen has given out nearly 200 "sqord'" accelerometers. One hundred went to 6th graders at Indian Bend Elementary School. The wristband devices track kids' activity throughout the day, then teachers will compile each child's data, and show the positive effects of increased exercise.

"Now they can see results. They can see results with the pedometer," Physical Education teacher, Michael Wooldridge said.

Students were excited to step up their activity and see how they stack up against other schools.

"It will track me more and what I am doing and stuff," one student said.

"It's going to be a lot of working and staying active," said another.

It may be fun and games for the kids, but for Landen, it's a lifelong commitment to healthy living.

To learn more about the program, visit their website.


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