Valley man talks from hospital bed about wild chase, shooting on highway

A Valley man accused of opening fire on Department of Public Safety officers while driving down Interstate 10 on Thursday talked with ABC15 from his hospital bed.

Dennis Meeker said a DPS officer shot him once in each arm after he led officers on a chase Thursday.

"I heard pop, pop and then I felt it –boom– I got hit once and twice," said Meeker.

Meeker said he was then bit by a police dog after finally stopping near Jackrabbit Road and Lower Buckeye Road.

DPS said Meeker shot at officers who were following him on I-10 but Meeker claims that's not possible because he never had a gun.

When asked if he shot at officers, Meeker said, "Absolutely not. No, I don't have a gun."

"There was not a gun in the car. There was not a gun on me. There's no gun nowhere," said Meeker.

However, officers said they watched meeker throw things out of the car before the chase ended which Meeker denied.

He was driving a stolen SUV that had been carjacked from a 70-year-old man earlier this week.     

Meeker claims a friend let him borrow it and he had no idea it was stolen.

He does admit he led officers on a chase and blames his criminal past.

Meeker has been arrested for burglary, assault and resisting arrest in the past few years, and said that's why he never stopped when officers tried to pull him over.

"I'm going to trial on the 17th and I missed one of my court hearings, and I was a little bit concerned about there might be a warrant for my arrest on that issue," said Meeker.

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