Valley man planned to donate body to biomedical research center now at center of FBI investigation

PHOENIX - Current clients of a Valley biological research center are now questioning if their bodies will really benefit medical research and education after they die.

FBI officials were investigating a Phoenix business all-day Tuesday located at 24th Street and University Drive. Several officials could be seen wearing hazardous material suits, as well as bringing items out of the business.

One Valley man, who asked to be identified only as Arthur, said a company representative contacted him three years ago while he was receiving hospice care.

Arthur was recovering from bypass surgery and wanted to save his family from the massive funeral costs. He also liked the idea of donating his body to science.

Arthur said a research representative asked him several questions, had him sign paperwork so paramedics would be well aware of his final wishes and gave him a donor identification card with the company logo.

No money changed hands and he was told when the research was complete his remains would be cremated and his wishes to have them scattered would be carried out.

"I expected, whatever they did for research, students could use my cadaver to help other people," said Arthur.

After watching ABC15's report on the FBI investigation, Arthur now has concerns about what his body really will be used for. He said he would not be comfortable with any sale of his body to anything other than student research.

He's still unsure how the company knew he was a hospice patient or how it obtained his phone number to begin with.

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