Jodi Arias trial: Valley attorney weighs in on Arias' self-defense testimony

PHOENIX - Jodi Arias spent Wednesday trying to convince jurors she killed Travis Alexander in self-defense but a Valley attorney said it was not a great day for her.

"He [Arias' attorney] wanted her to say she feared for her life. She thought in no uncertain terms that had she not acted against Travis Alexander he would have killed her at that point in time and he didn't get that out of her the way he wanted to and without that that makes self-defense real hard," said Brent Kleinman.

Kleinman added he also noticed a lack of real emotion for Arias while talking about such a life changing event.

"You're crying for an hour and a half. Your eyes are a little blood shot. It shows. Her face isn't showing the emotion that she's portraying it to be," said Kleinman.

Kleinman said Arias needs to show emotion to connect with jurors and for them to believe her story.

"You would think there would be more sadness, horror, disbelief in what she did, but more it's like the person who says I'm sorry because I got caught not I'm sorry for what I did," said Kleinman.

Kleinman feels based on how things have gone so, far Arias might avoid the death penalty but he does not think she'll be a free woman anytime soon.

"The cross examination is what's either going to really help or hurt her and that experts that come after, but I don't think not guilty is a possibility in this trial."

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