Twin brothers save family from Phoenix house fire

PHOENIX - Call it luck, call it fate. A family of seven is safe after a fire started in their attic overnight. They say the only reason they got out safely is because of twin brothers who took a route they never take.

"We decided to follow (an) airplane. Who knows why," Jose Ramirez, who called 911, said.

It was a random decision. Twin brothers were on their way home from work and found themselves in the right place at the right time.  They saw smoke and followed it to a home near 43rd Avenue and McDowell Road. 

"And I noticed flames coming out of the attic and I tell (my brother) pull over," Jose said.

The family was asleep. It was before 4:30 in the morning. A smoke detector never goes off. 

The brothers ended up at the home by coincidence but what they did next was pure courage. 

"I just run and I see the door," said Josue Ramirez.

"While I was on the phone my brother opened that side of the door and he just rushed in there," Jose said.

"(I) yelled out," Josue said.  "A guy came out. I'm like 'Hey man, your house is on fire.' He's all 'For (real)?' (And I say) yeah just get everyone out man."

"The house was filled with smoke and flames were coming out the top of the house," Eric Smith, who was asleep in the room right underneath the fire, said.  "My nephews (were) in the house.  I really appreciate those guys.  It could've been worse."

All seven, including a child and a baby, were okay Friday morning.

The strangers had a chance to meet while firefighters put the flames out.  The family expressed their gratitude and gave the men hugs.

"(They said) stop by one of these days. He'll repay us," Jose said.  "We don't want nothing.  It's just karma. That's what I believe."

"I would want someone to help me if my house was on fire," Josue said.

"I consider them heroes. I'm glad they showed up when they did," Smith said.  "Everything happens for a reason. The Creator of God put them where they were. That's what I believe. They were meant to drive by on this street, right at this time."

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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