TSA rule changes: Valley travelers speak out against allowing small pocketknives

PHOENIX - Air passengers in the Valley are speaking out against small pocketknives being allowed on planes again starting April 25.

The Transportation Safety Administration is facing major backlash since it announced the change this week.

Some sports equipment will also be allowed.

Travelers at Sky Harbor International Airport told ABC15 that the change just doesn't make sense.

"Basically, that's a weapon," traveler Viana Bruce said. "It doesn't take very much to take someone's eyes out."

No one ABC15 talked to at the airport liked the idea, which puts them on the same side as many flight crews, politicians, and even the CEO of Delta Airlines.

"How safe are we really going to be?" Bruce asked. "What good does it do to go through security checks if people are allowed to carry a knife on board?"

Only small pocketknives would be allowed in airline cabins: ones with thin blades 2.36 inches or shorter and less than a half-inch wide.

According to CNN, you could also carry on two golf clubs, toy bats or other sports sticks, such as ski poles, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks and pool cues, starting April 25.

Razorblades and box cutters would still be banned.

TSA officials said the move will allow security screeners to focus on finding the most dangerous items, like explosives.

"All you're going to need is one incident, and then they'll realize the error of their ways," said traveler Jon Main.

The hope is it never has to come to that.

You can read more about the rule changes on abc15.com.

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