Easy ways to guard against the flu: Ways to protect yourself, family

PHOENIX - The flu is rapidly spreading across the country this year, so here's some advice on how you can avoid getting sick.

Bathroom sinks can be deceptive. If your hands are infected and you touch the faucet's handles to turn the water on, after you wash your hands, you will get them infected all over again if you touch the contaminated handles to turn the water off.

A portable bottle of hand sanitizer can help disinfect on the spot. They can be very effective at killing germs and viruses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified six everyday items that you may want to consider trying to avoid, or be sure to clean regularly at your home or office.

Research shows influenza virus frequently detected on these surfaces:

  • Refrigerator handles
  • Phones (yes, including that cell phone you carry around everywhere)
  • TV remotes
  • Microwave ovens and other kitchen surfaces
  • Door handles and light switches
  • Grocery carts

If someone has touched a flu contaminated substance, doctors say the virus is likely to work its way into their body if that person rubs their eyes, or brings their hands up to their mouth.

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