Still no arrest in Phoenix hit-and-run that killed Anna Blaze

PHOENIX - The family of Anna Blaze is reaching out to the community asking for help after the woman was killed while walking on the sidewalk near 11th Street and Northern.

On Wednesday, the family brought flowers to the accident scene and spoke to investigators about the case.

They came looking for closure, but for the last two weeks, they've only been asking one question.

"Why would he leave her? Why would he hit her and leave her? There was blood on the ground. Why is he still on the streets?" said Angelina Blaze, Anna's sister-in-law.

The Phoenix Police Department said they have the car that was involved in the accident, but they still don't have a suspect.

The owner of the car came down to the police station and gave officers the keys, but officials told ABC15 the man invoked his right to remain silent.

Police said the man has not yet been named a suspect, but does resemble the description given to them by witnesses.

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