Sherry Finzer and Darin Mahoney's personal life transformations creates beautiful music

Local musicians Sherry Finzer and Darin Mahoney recently held a CD release party at Epic Music for their new album titled "Transformations."

A CD of guitar and flute based music they specifically chose because, according to Darin, "We really believe music is a healing art and we want to move people with our music and put them in a frame of relaxation."

A self-proclaimed rock and roller, Mahoney was introduced to Will Ackerman from Windham Hill while undergoing treatment for cancer.

He adds, "I believe it was a huge part in my becoming cured."

Sherry, a classical trained flautist, is excited about the response to their CD adding, "We've been getting some airplay on radio stations around the world!"

It's a collaboration she says they talked about on and off for about a year before they finally started working together.

When asked about the possibility of signing on with a label, they both agree, "We kind of like it the way it is, now!"

Mahoney adds that touring on their own, and playing house parties is a way for them to, "Come into people's homes and meet them, and let them meet us and hear our personal stories."

Their music is available from various downloadable sites like iTunes and CD Baby, in store at Epic Music, as well as their own websites.

Hear more of Transformations at: or

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