Jodi Arias verdict: Juror in Serial Shooter case talks about Arias deliberations

PHOENIX - Few people know what the jury in the Jodi Arias trial is going through.

But a juror who served on one of the Valley's most notorious murder cases may have an idea.

Howard, who asked we not use his last name, was juror 17 in the trial of serial shooter Dale Hausner.

Hausner was convicted in a series of shootings including six out of eight murders linked to the crime spree that spanned from May of 2005 to August of 2006.

Testimony in Hausner's case lasted seven months. The jury reached a verdict in two and a half weeks.

"In the Arias trial, they only have a few counts to consider, we had 87," he said. "At times it was exhilarating and at times we thought 'What are we doing here?'"

Howard describes the most difficult thing about being on the jury was not being able to talk about it to anyone for so long. When they were finally able to start deliberations he said it was a "relief."

"It was like a door just opened," he said. "I thought I was doing pretty well with it all and then when the verdict on count 17 was read the tears came."

Howard said while his trial was very high profile he doesn't feel it compares to the level of the Arias trial.

"It is such a higher profile with all the national coverage, " he said. "The jury is under even more scrutiny."

Howard said his fellow jury members were very professional and thorough.  

"I was proud to serve with them," he said.

In the end, they convicted Hausner on 80 of the 87 charges against him.

Hausner's former roommate, Samuel Dieteman, pleaded guilty to two murders, and conspiracy to commit some of the other related murders.

Dieteman received a sentence of life without parole.

Hausner was sentenced to death. 

Hausner says he wants to be executed as soon as possible.

A motion filed on his behalf delayed a competency hearing to determine his fate.






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