Richard Chrisman update: Lead detective takes stand in former Phoenix police officer's murder trial

A rare murder trial continues to play out in the Valley.

Former Phoenix police officer Richard Chrisman is accused of killing a man while on a domestic violence call in 2010.

On Monday, the lead detective on the case took the stand and helped paint a picture of the crime scene inside the victim's home where he was shot and killed.

Using crime scene photos, the jury took a gruesome tour of the home where Daniel Rodriguez and his dog died after being shot by Chrisman.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez showed the jury pictures of Rodriguez's bloody body as well as the dog's body. Both were shot just feet apart from each other.

Last week, the only other officer on the call testified Chrisman shot the Rodriguez as he was getting ready to leave his home with his bicycle.

Rodriguez was unarmed.

Elvira Fernandez looked down during most of Monday's testimony. The pictures of her dead son and blood spattered home were too hard to look at.

Chrisman's attorney told the just last week Rodriguez was so combative during the call that Chrisman tried using physical force, pepper spray and a Taser before finally shooting Rodriguez.

Chrisman said Rodriguez tried to grab his police gun right before he shot Rodriguez.

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