Richard Chrisman trial update: Juan Martinez gets into it with defense, witnesses

PHOENIX - There were several heated exchanges during the murder trial of ex-Phoenix police officer Richard Chrisman Tuesday.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez and the defense attorney sparred over legal matters, and after that, Martinez had a few testy words with two of the defense witnesses.

One of Chrisman's attorneys was questioning a witness about the drugs in the victim's system, and how meth can cause unpredictable behavior by people using it.

The defense also called on an expert who testified the victim in this case, Daniel Rodriguez, was leaning forward when he was shot and did not have his hands in the air like the prosecution claims.

Martinez and that witness, Vincent D'Mayo challenged each other several times in court in front of jurors.

At one point, Martinez sat on his desk with his arms crossed because the witness would not stop talking.

The trial is set to resume next Tuesday.



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