Retired teacher Tom McNamara travels the country giving socks to the homeless

They say, "Home is where the heart is."

"This place is my home, this is what I ride around in," says Tom McNamara.

Tom's heart is definitely here in his RV, in bags.

"Up here is approximately 2000 pairs of socks," says Tom, pointing at several laundry bags stuffed into a bunk bed.

A few years ago, Tom read an article about helping the homeless, and one item that they are in dire need of.

"I went and asked a couple of podiatrists in my area to confirm this, and it was true. They said, ‘if you're going to give them anything, socks is what they need,'" says Tom.

Tom had found his mission.

"I pull out a pair of socks and 90% of them respond with: one, a smile, or they'll go 'socks, are you kidding me, that's heavenly. This is better than anything I could have gotten today.'"

After 30 years of working with autistic children, the retired teacher sold his Chicago home, bought an RV, and spent the last year and a half traveling to 17 states and giving away thousands of pairs of socks.

"It's important to me that people realize that this group is forgotten, pushed away. They're wonderful people when you get to sit down and talk to them. And they're heart-breaking stories," says Tom.

 If you'd like to help Tom on his mission to give socks to those in need, you can donate on his page.

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