Potato chip could win Valley woman $1 million

PHOENIX - An idea for a potato chip could win a Valley woman $1 million.

Christina Abu-Judom is one of three finalists in a Lay's potato chip contest.

Abu-Judom came up with the idea for a Chicken & Waffles flavored chip. She's up against Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sriracha flavored chips.

Abu-Judom said she came up with the idea because her 13-year-old nephew loves chicken and waffles.

Abu-Judom, a volunteer manager for a Phoenix nonprofit, said if she wins she'll donate some of the money to her job. She also plans to give some to her family, including her nephew, and said she would take a nice honeymoon with her fiancé.

Abu-Judom said the chips are making their way to store shelves now and should be available nationwide by the end of the week.

The contest is open until May 4, 2013 and there are three ways to vote.

You can vote on the contests Facebook page.

You can tweet your vote using #SAVEGarlicBread, #SAVESriracha, or #SAVEChickenWaffles to pick your favorite.

You can also text the word VOTE to 24477. You'll then receive a message and will have to reply with LAYS1 if you wish to vote for Cheesy Garlic Bread; LAYS2 if you wish to vote for Sriracha; or LAYS3 if you wish to vote for Chicken and Waffles.


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