Police stop car after Phoenix chase, suspects tied to Valley burglaries

PHOENIX - Two people are in custody following an hour-long chase across several busy Valley streets Wednesday morning.

Authorities began following the stolen SUV through the streets of Phoenix around 9:30 a.m., first with a police helicopter, then later with unmarked vehicles.

Watch Air15 video of the pursuit on abc15.com

Sgt. Trent Crump said police initially responded to a neighborhood near 56th Street and Greenway Road after neighbors saw a man apparently checking doors on cars and homes to see if they were locked.

When officers arrived, the male suspect fled on foot and jumped into the black SUV, being driven by the female suspect. Police found a second stolen car left behind at the scene containing several stolen items, as well as IDs of both of the suspects.

Police initially pursued the pair from the scene, but, for safety purposes, fell back and relied on their helicopter after the woman drove onto State Route 51. Crump said the male suspect began waving a gun at officers as they were following behind the SUV.

Air15 video showed the pair traveling in north Phoenix, Tempe, central Phoenix and even near Sky Harbor Airport.

Footage showed the SUV just missing a light rail train near 40th Street and Washington, and later clipping several vehicles near the eventual end of the chase at 7th Avenue and Maryland.

Officers could be seen taking a male and female into custody after the suspects crashed the car and attempted to flee on foot.

Both suspects were tackled and pinned to the ground after threatening officers with weapons.

Crump said both the man and woman were taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Video near 7th Avenue and Maryland showed a badly damaged white sedan in the intersection after being struck by the suspects.

A male passenger inside the vehicle was transported to a nearby hospital. The extent of his injuries is unclear.

Several other drivers involved were examined by crews at the scene.

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