Police make arrest in deadly Phoenix drive-by shooting

PHOENIX - Phoenix police have arrested the man they say was involved in killing two teens during a birthday party this weekend.

Police arrested 22-year old Carlos Rodriguez Espinoza this afternoon

As the arrest was made, family and friends of one of the victims Jason Jonathan Acosta-Ramos held a carwash to raise money for his funeral expenses.

"It's hard that he's not here right now. I want the person to get what he deserves," said Alejandro Alvarez, victim's friend.

Meanwhile, neighbors are still shaken up about the violence that broke out in their quiet peaceful neighborhood.

Pam Seidelman has lived in the community for more than two decades. She walks her dog around the neighborhood almost every day.

"I know every car that goes by and I know if it belongs in my neighborhood," said Seidelman.

But today, she is walking just down the street from where someone opened fire after a birthday party killing two teens and injuring four others

Pam says the security she's felt is gone.

"My thought was ok, the gangs have made it. The gangs are here," said Seidelman.

While there is some ease knowing an arrest has been made, people in the neighborhood hope this doesn't happen again.

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