Zachariah Pithan: Police identify 22-year-old shot, killed by officers at Phoenix apartment complex

PHOENIX - Police have identified a man shot and killed by officers at a Phoenix apartment complex Saturday night.

Zachariah Pithan, 22, had allegedly been banging on a neighbor's door and threatening them when officers were called, according to Phoenix police.

Officers approached Pithan's apartment, at the complex near 17 and Glendales avenues and saw the door was broken so called out to the suspect.

Pithan reportedly came to the door and officers ordered him to come out but he refused.

As one of the officers tried to get Pithan out of the apartment he allegedly pulled the officer inside.

Officers tried to take Pithan into custody and a physical fight ensued, according to police.

At one point officers were able to get Pithan on the floor, but as they tried to subdue him he broke away from officers and grabbed what appeared to be a broken wooden table leg with a near-pointed end.

Police said Pithan raised the object, trying to strike one of the officers, and at that point another officer, fearing his partner was in danger, drew his service weapon and shot Pithan.

Pithan died at the scene.

During the investigation witnesses told police the suspect had been acting in a "bizarre and aggressive manner" all day. Pithan allegedly threatened several residents and had destroyed several mail boxes at the community mail center.

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