'Pictures of Hope' project captures homeless childrens' hopes and dreams

PHOENIX - The hopes and dreams of children:

"My dream is to move to a better house, my dream is to go to a good school."

"My hope is to have a home. My hope is to become a cosmetologist."

"My dream is to help animals, my dream is to be a vet when I grow up."

Their dreams are written down, read aloud ready to be exposed.

With the help of professional photographer Linda Solomon, these childrens' dreams are one step closer to coming true.

"When you can photograph a dream it puts you on the path to achievement. It becomes more than a dream, they can visualize it," Solomon said.

These Phoenix children are poised to capture their deepest desires.

"Taking pictures of things that give you hope can make you actually shine brighter in the future because now you know what you want to accomplish in life," young photographer, Jaylen Glover said.

Now in its sixth year, Solomon's project, "Pictures of Hope" is visiting 13 cities. She hands out cameras to underprivileged kids and instructs them on the fundamentals, of photography.

She encourages them to document their dreams.

"I want to take pictures of things that inspire me," another budding photographer said.

The photos these children take are then printed into holiday greeting cards that are sold to help raise funds for charity groups.

Learn more at Pictures of Hope.

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