Phoenix Sky Harbor airport ranks fourth for number of guns confiscated by TSA in 2013

PHOENIX - Sky Harbor was one of the top five airports for gun catches in 2013, according to the Transportation Security Office's blog of its year in review.

The airport placed fourth, with 66 guns discovered during screenings at Sky Harbor. Atlanta came in first, with 111 guns, and Dallas, Houston and Denver rounded out the top five. In total, the TSA found 1,813 firearms in carry-on bags, or five guns per day.

The TSA blog said it found some other interesting items at Sky Harbor: live smoke and flare canisters in a checked bag, a pepper spray can designed to look like a lipstick case, a stun gun, a compound bow, and a novelty bomb.

The organization said they screened more than 638 million passengers last year, and it was the first year they lost a TSA agent in the line of duty.

To read the full year in review by TSA and see photos of the more interesting confiscated items, click here.

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