Phoenix shootings: Neighbor describes gunman involved in multiple homicide

PHOENIX - Only on ABC15, a neighbor describes the terrifying moments when he watched a gunman enter a Phoenix townhome complex and proceed to allegedly shoot and kill four victims and two dogs.

"I heard some bangs, and didn't think much of it until I heard the third or fourth one, because they were getting louder."

Barry Hatchett said he stepped outside his door after hearing shots fired Saturday morning, and that's when he saw the shooter about fifteen feet from where he was standing.

"When I walked outside, I saw a middle aged gentleman with a big shotgun in his hand," said Hatchett. "Had it thrown over his shoulder actually. And then he spoke to someone across the way. And what he said was, 'You didn't think I seen you home boy?' Then he pumped the gun and he shot it."

Hatchett called 911 and told police the situation.

"He was walking back and forth and he pumped the gun again, but then he went inside his house."

Hatchett describes the shooter as a middle-aged man with grey hair. He also says he was friends with the woman who was killed. He had planned to bring his dog by her place for a grooming appointment later that day.

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