Phoenix Home Depot shooting: 1 killed after robbery goes bad

PHOENIX - Authorities say a man has been fatally shot in a west Phoenix parking lot.

Police say the shooting occurred Monday afternoon outside a Home Depot store near 99th Avenue and Camelback Road.

They say two men were in the parking lot working out details of an online transaction when they were approached by a stranger.

That man demanded information from the men and then reportedly pulled out a gun.

One of the other men drew his own weapon and shot the stranger, who police say was taken to a hospital and later died.

The victim's uncle Ken told ABC15, "I got a call from his mother saying he might have been shot. He is a good kid. I don't know what he is in to. I hope whoever did this gets what is coming to them."

Air15 video over the scene showed multiple police vehicles stationed in the parking lot, blocked off by crime tape. A white sedan, driven by the victims, could be seen in a parking spot with the passenger door left ajar.

The names of the men involved haven't been released.

Police say the shooter is claiming self-defense, but detectives are still investigating the incident.

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