Phoenix restaurant Coup Des Tartes being ousted for parking lot

PHOENIX - Step into Coup Des Tartes and you'll find a small, cozy French bistro nestled into a 1930's historic farmhouse in Central Phoenix.

"It was an artichoke and date farm. This is the master bedroom," said owner Ron Pacioni.

For 17 years, Pacioni has owned the bistro, once voted the most romantic restaurant in the Valley, best place to take a first date, and best French restaurant.

"Many anniversaries, many birthdays, many graduations, have been here," said Pacioni.

But now Pacioni said his paradise will be paved over to put up a parking lot for a car dealership.

With seven years left on his lease, Pacioni said it came as a surprise when his landlord went into foreclosure.

A new company then bought the property from the bank instead of the landlord.

"The property went back to the bank and they bought it through auction they didn't have to honor it," said Pacioni.

Pacioni said the new landlord, the Van Tuyl Group, only gave him six months to move.

"We have to relocate a restaurant. I have 15 employees I need to take care of," said Pacioni.

Pacioni said he is now searching for a new location.

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