Phoenix Police Officer Stefani Gombar notices smoke and saves Valley family

PHOENIX, AZ - Sergeant Stefani Gombar with the Phoenix police department headed back to the police station to end her shift. 

During that ride back, she noticed a large amount of black smoke coming from just off State Route 51. Gombar immediately rushed to the house and began to knock and pound on all the doors and windows.

Inside Adin de Masi, his wife Rachel and their three children were sleeping.

"The fire was moving very quickly I went back and forth, just pounding as hard as I could. I was honestly about to break a window open to get someone's attention," said Gombar.

Feet from the couple's home a shed was entirely engulfed in flames.

Gombar eventually woke the family up and successfully got them out the door and out of the house.

"I was just doing my job but I'm glad I was there. Had we not been out there it frightens me to think what could have happened," said Gombar

Adin said his family is incredibly thankful, "I'm sure that if it hadn't been for her, this would be a real different day for us. I'm real thankful for that."

Adin is not new to fires as he is a firefighter in Tucson, however, he said without the gear a fire can still shake your nerves.

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