Phoenix officer fired over actions in videos

PHOENIX - A Phoenix police officer's own words and actions cost him his job after he knowingly recorded it all.

The Phoenix Police Department said a series of videos showed a pattern of bad behavior by Richard Greco, a 10-year veteran with the department.

Police launched an internal investigation after a suspect's mother filed a complaint alleging Greco was abusive toward her 35-year-old son during a call in 2011.

During the internal investigation, police reviewed videos taken by a camera on Greco's uniform.

The video shows Greco swearing at suspects, calling them names, and insulting them.

While responding to a domestic violence call between a young couple, the footage shows Greco saying, "I got one tool and that tool is to beat people up and take them to jail. OK?"

While being questioned, an internal investigator asked Greco, "Do you feel it's appropriate when you're talking to a domestic violence situation, where's it's possibly an assault that's going on, that you're talking about beating the crap out of people and taking them to jail?"

"I never looked at it from that perspective. You know, if you put it like that it could sound bad," responded Greco.

Greco said the department handpicked a select few of the calls he went on.

"There's more than 200 and we're here to talk about, like if you strung them all together, maybe four minutes of conversation for me over 210 videos, so I clearly don't use that tactic all the time," Greco told the internal investigator.

Greco appealed his termination, but a review board recently upheld the decision.

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