Phoenix homeowner devastated after fatally shooting burglary suspect

PHOENIX - Blood is still smeared on the tiles at the front door where Russell Wildey shot and killed William Thomas Mackey, the man who allegedly broke into the 77-year-old's home on Friday.

"He came through the door and I saw him and he saw me," said Wildey. "Everything happened so quick."

It happened around three in the morning at the residence near 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

Earlier that night, Russell came home from a dinner date to find his home ransacked.

"I mean every drawer was pulled out and dumped," he said.

Wildey says he was so tired that he fell asleep without calling police. He was awakened hours later to find a stranger in his home.

"The cops asked if I said anything to him or if he said anything to me, and I really don't remember," said Wildey. "It happened so fast."

Wildey says break-ins happen so often at his house, he's stopped calling police.

"They must have broken in here three or four times since Christmas," the homeowner said.

Now he's heartbroken thinking about the man who lost his life inside his home.

"The guy was probably the same age as my son, and no parent wants to hear about something like this happening," Wildey said.

After 25 years in the same house, Wildey does not want to continue living there like this.

"Just take the whole damn house, I don't care," Wildey cried. "It's not worth it."

Phoenix police say Wildey's statements are consistent with self-defense, but the case will be forwarded to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for review.

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