Phoenix event held to remember victims killed or injured by undocumented immigrants

PHOENIX - Bells rang out Sunday night after organizers read the names of 61 Arizonans they say were killed or injured by undocumented immigrants. All but nine victims died.

Members of The Remembrance Project, along with other groups, gathered at Wesley Bolin Park in downtown Phoenix.

Lori Muldner attended the memorial with her friend Cindy Raetz whose son was killed by an undocumented immigrant on May 19, 2013.

"It's so senseless too, to have her son run over by somebody that just left him for dead," Muldner said.

Phoenix police Officer Daryl Raetz, 29, died during a DUI traffic stop where he was hit by an SUV. 

Jesus Cabrera Molina , 24, now faces manslaughter charges for the crime after investigators say he drove off without stopping.

Muldner cried when recalling the tragedy that took a man she'd known since he was little. 

"No Thanksgiving, no Christmas," she said. "His birthday, Father's Day, I mean his daughter's birthday. His daughter's 6th birthday has all been without daddy."

Others honored during the ceremony included those killed by drunk drivers, murder victims, and those who died on 9/11. 

Organizers say 44,000 people have been killed by undocumented immigrants in the U.S. in the past 10 years. Immigrant rights activists say those numbers are inflated and misrepresented.

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