Phoenix, Chandler fire to receive "Fido Bags", bags credited to saving animals

PHOENIX - The Phoenix Fire Department is getting a huge donation that could save the lives of pets in a fire.
The Phoenix Fire Association and the Fetch Foundation raised $10,000 to get dozens of "Fido Bags" to equip every ladder and pumper truck in Phoenix and Chandler.
The bags include first aid materials for pets including oxygen muzzles that specially fit cats and dogs.
The bags are credited with saving several animals just over the past few months.
Meanwhile, the Red Cross is offering pet owners some resources to help their pets in other emergencies.  A fairly new app is available for 99 cents that offers valuable health, safety, and emergency information for pet owners. The Red Cross is also offering a pet first aid course on February 16th.
Firefighters and the Red Cross urge people not to put themselves at risk to save their pets. 

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