Phoenix-based Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles restaurant inspires potato chip flavor

PHOENIX - Lo-Lo's famous Phoenix restaurant is the inspiration behind a delicious potato chip, and you can help put those chips in stores around the country.

Christina Abu-Judom is a self-described foodie, so when potato chip maker Lays announced their "Do Me a Flavor" contest, where average Joe's-or Jane's- submit flavor ideas, she sent the company a constant stream of ideas. Finally, one stuck: chicken and waffles.

The company contacted her to say their food chemists were developing the flavor, which would compete against two others -- cheesy garlic bread and sriracha  -- for a $1 million prize and big time bragging rights.

The inspiration was the signature dish at Phoenix landmark  Lo-Lo's Chicken and Waffles.

"A friend of mine, when we moved here to Phoenix, introduced us to Lo-Lo's," said Abu-Jodum. "I brought my family and my nephews and we absolutely love coming here."

One trip to the hidden gem and you'll see why. Delicious golden waffles cover big plates, leaving just enough room for excellently fried chicken and a generous doze of maple syrup. Southern style sweet tea comes ice cold in mason jars.

Abu-Jodum was so impressed by the meal, she  passed the flavor along to the chip makers who have now affixed it to fried potato slices which are selling like crazy around the country.

In order for Abu-Jodum's creation to win, she needs your votes. A winning number will earn her a $1 million and forever place chicken and waffles chips on store shelves.

You can vote three ways:

1.)     Facebook

2.)    Twitter: #savechickenwaffles

3.)    Text "Vote" to 2477, wait for reply, then text "lays3"

You can vote three times a day until the end of the week.

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