PD: Shots fired outside Cesar Chavez High School in Phoenix

PHOENIX - Police are investigating after shots were fired outside Cesar Chavez High School in Phoenix Friday night.

Phoenix police Sgt. Steve Martos said no one was injured during the incident at the school near 39th Avenue and Baseline Road.

Cesar Chavez was playing Betty H. Fairfax in a rivalry boys' varsity basketball game. Police said the shooting happened in the 2nd quarter of the game.

A couple of off duty officers were working the game when 10 to 15 shots were heard in the courtyard just outside the gym doors.

Police said they wanted to lock down the gym, but said it was pure chaos when students took off. 

So far, two people have been detained for questioning, but police said they're not sure if they were in on the shooting. 

Officers searched for damage and found none so they think the shooters fired up into the air. 

Police said they believe the shooting may be gang related because someone yelled out a gang name when the shots were fired. 

Cesar Chavez and Betty H. Fairfax are known for their huge rivalry. They're pretty close to each other and have the "Battle on Baseline" whenever they compete. 

A student ABC15 talked to said she has heard rumors about fights or guns at these games, but she never expected something like this would actually happen.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

No other details have been released by authorities.



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