Truck crashes into Phoenix home

PHOENIX - Inside the room where two girls normally sleep sits a pile of rubble, after a man crashed his Chevy Silverado into their bedroom Saturday night.

"Me and my wife were sitting in the living room and all we heard were screeching tires," their dad told ABC15.

Father of five Kevin Learned cannot believe how close they came to tragedy.

"Next thing you know we heard a crash into our kids' room," he said.

Amazingly, those two girls were at a sleepover at another house at the time.

"Oh my goodness, my heart was racing," said neighbor Deletta Ramey. "All of a sudden a boom, my house was shaking, my dogs are going crazy."

Now, police are on the hunt for the driver. Neighbors say they saw him take off running, leaving his truck and everything in it.

The Learned family rents the home, and the landlord has offered to move them to a new one.

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