PD: Man arrested on roof after pursuit in Phoenix

PHOENIX - Authorities say a man is in custody after leading police on a foot chase near a Phoenix elementary school Wednesday.

The pursuit started around 12 p.m. near Central Avenue and Broadway Road.

Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said officers received a call of a suspect stripping down a stolen vehicle.

When officers arrived on scene, the suspect, Dennis Cisco, 26, took off on foot.

Police chased Cisco through a residential neighborhood where he ended up jumping on top of several rooftops.

Aurora Aguilera told ABC15, she found Cisco on her front porch Wednesday morning.

"I stopped by where the guy was, squatted down a little and asked him who he was."

Aguilera said she saw Cisco run from the porch of her home near Cesar Chavez Elementary School, attempting to go anywhere but inside a police car.

"That's when he jumped just over everything. Just jumped just like nothing," she said.

Crump said police were eventually able to capture Cisco on the rooftop of a carport near 3rd Street and Southgate Avenue and take him into custody.

"It's not worth anybody running away from the law because eventually they will get caught," said Aguilera.

Authorities said Cesar Chavez Elementary School was on temporary lockdown during the pursuit.

Police said the Cisco is facing charges of possession of a stolen vehicle.

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