PD: 2 brothers arrested in south Phoenix cockfights

PHOENIX - Police say two men are facing animal cruelty charges after allegedly holding cockfights at a Phoenix home.

Police spokesman James Holmes said Wednesday afternoon around 1:50 p.m., officers received a complaint about possible cockfighting at a home near 7th Street and Southern Avenue.

When the responding officer arrived on scene, Holmes said he saw a group of 10-12 people who appeared to be cheering on two roosters fighting.

Authorities said as more officers arrived, most of the people fled, however police were able to detain the homeowner and brothers Jesus Avalos, 20, and Ademir Avalos, 24.

Police say the brothers were using the backyard of the home to breed the chickens to sell in Mexico. Holmes said the men admitted to participating in at least three cockfights at the home and said betting was involved.

During a search of the property, authorities found gaffs and materials used to secure the legs of the roosters for fighting. They also found antibiotics, vitamins, scales and a ledger used for betting.

Officials said the Arizona Humane Society arrived on scene and took 132 roosters and hens from the property.

Holmes said the brothers were arrested on three counts each of cruelty to animals and cockfighting.

Authorities say the investigation into the homeowner is still ongoing.




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