Passengers stranded at Sky Harbor due to Midwest storm

PHOENIX - The wicked weather in the Midwest is slowing and stopping thousands of airline passengers from reaching their destinations on time.

"We're stuck here tonight," said Nathan Luber, who's stranded at Sky Harbor in Phoenix. He and his family were in Arizona for a wedding when their flight back to Saint Louis got canceled.
"The next flight available was Wednesday morning, so we're kind of stuck here for two days," Luber said.  
The family isn't stuck in the Valley because instead of spending the layover here, they're headed to Vegas.
"When I left for this trip," said Luber, who's never been to Vegas, "I didn't think I was going to Vegas, but it's a wild adventure right now, so we're just flying by the seat of our pants here."
A couple headed back home to Indianapolis won't be able to make it out until Tuesday. 
"We've been looking to Louisville and Chicago and everywhere and we're stuck," they said.
The lines inside the airport were proof they weren't the only ones. Many more were stranded as well, sleeping, waiting at the ticket counter and watching the monitors.  

All of them were working with the airlines to make their flight on time.
"They were helpful I guess in adjusting you, but there's not much power they have," said one passenger. "I'll survive. I'll miss a couple classes. I just hope everyone in the area is OK because of the weather."
While the winter weather hammers the Midwest, those soaking up the sun are not in a rush to put on their jackets.
"It's going to be like negative 40 tomorrow, wind chill, where we are. So we're glad, too," a passenger said. "I mean, we're going to go to the pool tomorrow and relax a little bit."
If you have a flight the next few days, your best bet is to call your airline to see if it's on time.
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