Passengers get tuberculosis scare on flight landing in Phoenix

PHOENIX - A planeload of passengers landing at Sky Harbor Airport Saturday night was reportedly advised to get tuberculosis shots.

A Phoenix-area woman says her husband and 10-year-old daughter were returning from Austin, Texas on a US Airways Express flight operated by Mesa Air when the plane stopped short of the terminal.

The woman said paramedics and police boarded the plane and removed a man who was sitting in front her husband and daughter, who allegedly had active tuberculosis.

She said passengers were advised to get TB shots and customer service personnel at the airport told her husband to call the airline on Monday.

Bill McGlahsen, spokesman for US Airways, told ABC15 the Austin-to-Phoenix flight was carrying a passenger with a "medical issue" but would not confirm a specific disease.

McGlahsen said the passenger was cleared to board the plane in Austin, but while the flight was in the air the passenger's status was changed to "no-fly."

McGlahsen said he doesn't know why that happened.

The plane stopped short of the gate, paramedics boarded to advise passengers, then the plane continued to the gate where passengers deplaned, McGlahsen said.

Jeanine Fowler with the Maricopa County Department of Public Health told ABC15 there is no confirmed case yet and it remains under investigation.

Fowler said passengers on the plane faced little risk.


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