Obamacare vs. employer health care coverage

PHOENIX - Health Insurance experts say you should stick with employer insurance coverage instead of purchasing a plan from the government.

Alan Leafman with Health Insurance Express says employers pay a large portion of employees' health care plans.

Arizona law requires employers to contribute at least half of the cost for employee coverage but Leafman says "most contribute more than half."

If you choose to buy health insurance through the exchange, you'll be paying for everything.

Anyone, who is a legal U.S. citizen, can sign up for health insurance through the government, under the Affordable Care Act.

If you're offered health care coverage at work but want to buy a plan under from the government, you are not eligible for any government assistance – regardless of your income.

The exchange also adds surcharge for all tobacco users, which is something most employers don't do.

If you choose not to buy health insurance come January 1 you will face a $90 fine – or one percent of your household income – whichever is more. It would be added to your taxes in 2014.

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