Obamacare update: Computer glitches delay, overload healthcare exchanges

PHOENIX - Computer glitches caused many delays for people who wanted to sign up for government insurance on Tuesday.

The government says technical difficulties and a lot of traffic caused problems for healthcare.gov.

Throughout the day, the enrollment website was down, same with its chat assistance feature.

Greater Phoenix Urban League is a non-profit that's helping people sign up. Health Care Coordinator David Aguirre says he advises people to research the different plans first and then sign up later in the week.

"There should be plenty of time to sign up. We were expecting some delays on the website, that's usual."

There's also a problem connecting the website to Medicaid, which is how the government determines the final price you'll pay.

Expanding Medicaid is one of the biggest aspects of Obamacare. An estimated 300-thousand more Arizonans are expected to qualify.

Aguirre says there is no rush though; people have until December 15 to enroll for coverage to start January 1st.

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