Lawsuit tied to Phoenix office complex shooting

PHOENIX - ABC15 has confirmed details in Wednesday morning's Phoenix office complex shooting that ties the shooting suspect to an open lawsuit.

Police are still searching for the suspect, Arthur Douglas Harmon , who killed one person and injured two others just before 11 a.m.


Harmon was in a legal battle with a company called Fusion Contact Centers whose CEO was Steve Singer. Singer was killed during the shooting Wednesday morning. An attorney representing Singer, Mark Hummels was also shot.

According to Harmon's lawsuit, Harmon had agreed to dismantle, transport and refurbish furniture for the company, but when he arrived to do the job, he claimed the furniture was not what he expected and it could not be refurbished. As a result, he claimed he had suffered damages. He was suing for $20,000.

The company, meanwhile, filed a countersuit claiming Harmon had defrauded them and owed them money that had been paid to him before any work was completed. 

Court records show Harmon was supposed to be involved in a settlement hearing Wednesday morning.

Police confirmed the shooting happened after the hearing at the law firm of former Arizona Senator Dennis DeConcini. That law firm is DeConcini McDonald Yetwin & Lacy, P.C.

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