Nancy Grace weighs in on Jodi Arias trial (VIDEO)

PHOENIX - Cable television personality Nancy Grace brought her show to the Valley Monday to see for herself why Jodi Arias seems so confident she won't be found guilty.

Grace also spent time at the Estrella Jail where Arias is being held.

"I'm not leaving until I see Jodi Arias in court," said Grace as she prepared to interview Sheriff Joe Arpaio for her show that aired Monday tonight. 

Grace believes Arias is guilty, but points out that she thought O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony would be found guilty and she was wrong on both counts.

"I want to know how she does her magic and makes people believe her and I hope those 11 male members of the jury don't fall for it," she said.

Grace went on to say she is most upset that the victim in this case, Travis Alexander, is having his name dragged through the mud during Arias' defense.



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