Murder suspect Michael Crane lashes out at judge, victims in court

PHOENIX - A man accused of killing three people in two different robberies was once again combative in court on Friday.

Michael Crane challenged the judge and two victims during the court hearing.

Crane is suspected of murdering Glenna and Lawrence Shapiro in their Paradise Valley home during a robbery in January.

He is also accused of killing Phoenix resident Bruce Gaudet during a separate home robbery.

Gaudet's brother, who lives out of town, called in and spoke at Friday's hearing.

"My brother, Bruce Gaudet, one of the victims in this crime and quote-unquote damaged parties, would have been 58 years young yesterday. That's all I have. Thank you," said Dirk Gaudet.

Crane then told the judge "Sir, he's sharing opinion. He has no business in these proceedings whatsoever."

Crane is also accused of being associated with a string of burglaries before the murders.

During the hearing, one of those victims, Fred Petrovsky, asked the judge to return his wife's jewelry back after it was stolen on Christmas Eve back in 2011.

"It has now been more than a year and a half since our items have been gone. Respectfully, we think it is quite long enough for our possessions to be thoroughly tested, cataloged, and photographed for evidence," said Petrovsky.

Crane then lashed out at Petrovsky.

"Mr. Petrovsky, I'm sorry for your loss but you have no business in this court proceeding at all," said Crane.

He then turned to the judge and said "If he's allowed to speak then I can speak my mind."

Crane will be on trial for all three murders at the same time.

His trial is scheduled to start next July.

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